Monday, April 22, 2013

iPad 5 Rumors, Specs, Release Date and Features

You have to admit it-Apple has surely been the market-leader in the highly competitive Tablet market for a few yeas now. Its grip on this sector increased with the unprecedented success of the iPad mini. To keep the momentum going, Apple is betting big on the iPad 5. So, what can you expect from the iPad 5? When can you expect to see the tablet in market?Is any innovative feature on the cards? Read on to find out.

As always, before the release of the new iPad, a million rumors are already doing the rounds in the tech-world. Its really a tough job to find out those rumors which might actually turn out to be true. Here's some rumors which look possible-

Design and features: According to reports, the new iPad 5 would be 15% thinner and 25 % lighter than its predecessor. This might be made possible by removing one of the two LED Light bar which are used in current iPad 4. Also, the size of the LED backlight will be reduced by making display more efficient and by using more efficient LED's.Overall, we might see an iPad that would resemble the iPad mini in terms of the design. 

The screen of the iPad 5 would have a 16:9 aspect ratio. we might also see Apple packing in GF "DITO" or GF2 touchscreen technology which would significantly improve user experience. Some reports suggest that iPad 5 would have virtually no bezel around the screen with just enough space for front camera, home key and the sensors.

Release Date: Initially it was expected that the iPad 5 would be released around March-April. However, it seems now that iPad 5 would be unveiled at WWDC event in June and would run on the current iOS 6. This would in turn result in iPhone 5S to be revealed sometime in September along with the iOS 7

Any Interesting feature? The iPad 5 may launch with an official Apple gaming joypad if a report is to be believed. According to the report, Apple held secret meetings with developers at GDC 2013, where it discussed the games that would support the controller at launch. Rumors also claim that iPad 5 might also support wireless charging of some sort.

Are you excited about the iPad 5? Will you want to upgrade to the new iPad on its arrival? Do you have a special wish-list for the iPad 5? Comment below to let us know.

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