Monday, April 8, 2013

iOS 7 Release Date Information

Its been quite a while since the last major update to Apple iOS- iOS 6 was released (September 2012, for the curious). According to Apple's trend, a new version of iOS is released every year and this release coincides with the release of a new Apple device. Apple teases the world with the features of the new iOS at WWDC event held sometimes in June every year. So, what about iOS 7? Will we see it soon?

Recently, John Gruber from the Daring Fireball  said that iOS 7 is running behind schedule and indicated that Apple might miss the WWDC deadline this year. Here's what Gruber said:-
“What I've heard: iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it,” “Let me know if you’ve heard this song before.”

His last statement actually actually referred to 2007 when Apple had roped in engineers from their OS X team to work on the iPhone software. Rumors have it that iOS 7 is behind schedule because Apple is is working hard on redesigning some of the Key elements of iOS (More info on this soon, so watch out for that).

However, according to numerous other sources, Apple more than probably would reveal the iOS 7 at WWDC event, too. This doesn't seem really impossible even if development of iOS 7 is behind schedule since Apple actually starting pushing the update for the users a couple months after revealing it in WWDC event. 

Another major reason to follow the pattern would be that when iPhone 5s would be revealed somewhere around September, it wouldn't be wise on Apple part to let iOS 7 steal the lime light of the new iPhone. 

So, summing things up in short, expect iOS 7 to be revealed in June but don't expect to get the update for your devices before late August or September unless and until iPhone 5s is released.

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