Monday, March 25, 2013

Smart Watches- useful or just accessory?

In the last decade, technology has undergone a revolution. Not only the existing gadgets received a makeover and upgrade, new categories of gadgets have surfaced. One such new category is Smart Watch.

"SONY Smart Watch"
Smart watches replicate wrist watches in terms of looks. However, they are meant to do a whole lot more than telling you the time- they are meant to change the way you interact with your smartphones and tablets.

There have been attempts in the past by many manufacturers to create such smart watches (remember the Smart watch by Sony which came out last year?) but they haven't really received any critical or commercial acclaim. While the competition among manufacturers is increasing with every passing day, they are left with no other option to bring something new in front of the world to steal the limelight.

When we are talking about the limelight of the gadget world, how can you forget Apple? iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macbooks, etc are all up their sleeves. Still sensing the increasing competition in the market, even Apple has to keep looking for something new. Recently, there has been in the market that Apple is working on something "Similar to a smart Watch" under the project name of iWatch. According the reports of "The Wall Street Journal" among many others, a team of 100 Apple and Intel engineers are working together on the project.

"Will the iWatch look something like this?"
The so called iWatch is expected to have features such internet connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your iPhones and iPads, Apple's special goodies like Siri, useful and handy apps among the usual features of Smart Watches such as ability to make phone calls and send messages,etc.

"The leaked image  showing interface of Samsung smart watch"
And how can Samsung let Apple steal the show? Rumors are also abuzz that Samsung has its own Smart Watch under works. This clearly indicates that more manufacturers would be trying their luck in the category in the near future.

But are smart Watches really necessary? Smart watches can't do everything your smartphone does. So, aren't they more or less just mere accessories for your phones? Its a question that remains to be answered and we would surely get a a fair deal of idea of what importance Smart Watches would have in your life once the iWatch and few of its competitors hit the market.

"Imagine yourself going to office with such a watch on your wrist! "
But let me make it clear- Smart Watches won't make you replace your fancy Casio or Rolex you might be adorning on your fore-arm right now (Not in the near future for sure!).

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