Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Microsoft's new rival is Blackberry!

Just imagine this-you are struggling to increase your share in the market, doing good enough and slowly progressing and when everything seems to be going your way, you encounter a new rival who also wants as much share as it could. This is what has happened with Microsoft. When it was just starting to give consumers a "third alternative" to Android and iOS with Windows Phone OS, Blackberry has revealed BB OS 10, a brilliant looking and promising OS. So, what would be the scene now?

First lets try to understand why Microsoft is feeling the most heat. BB OS 10 won't become the best in the world immediately. Hence it will have to slowly climb the ladder starting from the bottom-as an alternative to these market giants Android and iOS. Since, this is the very same spot Microsoft has been eying,  it puts both the OS against each other straight forward. Either Windows PH or BB OS 10 can be the "third alternative". Well, talk about sheer pressure!

At present, things seem to be in favor of Windows PH. There a few devices in the market running the Windows PH 8 OS and seem to be selling good enough, just about enough. It has established itself in the market and the manufacturers seem a bit interested in the OS, too. On the other hand BB OS 10 is just out. With blackberry deciding to launch two devices up front, don't expect the market being flooded with BB OS 10 phones. A slight breather for Microsoft!

The number of apps in Windows Market place are about 3 times the apps in BB App world currently and this equation can keep on tilting in favor of Windows PH. This is also one of the major reasons why potential consumers might opt for Windows PH devices rather than BB OS 10 based ones at least for some time.

However, it doesn't mean that its time for Microsoft to relax. They have to take BB OS 10 seriously and consider a threat to their market share. Only then they would be able to keep their share of hunt for themselves (yes, that's symbolic, but you get the point any ways). It would be interesting to see how this battle shapes up in the near future. 

While BB OS 10 and Windows PH 8 battle it out, Somewhere in the distance Android and iOS laugh at the merciful state of the two. After all, unless there's a winner of this battle, there won't be any significant threat to their dominance in the market. Oh, poor Microsoft-well, another challenge for you!

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