Friday, February 8, 2013

Apps that became a craze

As you know, Smartphones are nothing without quality apps. Be it games, utility or multimedia apps or the obvious social networking apps, there's a whole lot of options to choose from. But, only a few apps make the cut-they become a worldwide phenomenon, a craze, and at times a must have. So, here I have compiled a list of few apps which have been downloaded millions of times and become miraculously successful.

1) Angry Birds: Seldom will you see, a game that so simple yet remarkably addictive. Launching cute, colorful birds with special abilities to target evil green pigs is what you do in the game in general. But its the amount of tactics you have to employ, the attempts you have to make to complete a level with maximum score possible and competing with friends that have let to Angry Birds becoming a global phenomenon. If you have a smartphone but no Angry Birds inside, you have missed quite a lot of fun.

2) Temple Run: When the hype and buzz of Angry Birds started to slow down a bit, another game took it over. The Temple Run centers around a group of wandering explorers, where one of the characters, whom the player controls, steals an idol from an ancient temple. The player controls the characters moments after they have stolen the idol. Immediately upon acquiring the idol, the player is pursued by a group of malevolent demonic monkeys who chase the player out of the temple, thus initiating a Temple Run. You can be hooked to this game for hours and if you don't believe me, give it a shot.

3)Whatsapp? Sending texts and chatting with friends (or a group of friends) without paying a penny-sounds interesting but hasn't the idea been around for a while? I mean, ebuddy, Nimbuzz, etc were present even on our feature phones for like eternity? True, but Whatsapp is different. It is available for almost every platform, doesn't require users to be logged into their accounts always, and is not limited to just sending texts. 3 out of 5 smartphones in the world surely have this app.

4) Skype: Development of 3G networks led to the rise of the craze of Video calling and this allowed Video Chatting App Skype to attain success. Have a phone with a front-facing camera? have good internet connection? (3G, Wifi, 4G anything goes) then you can video call other Skype users for free. Simple to use interface, multiple platform availability are the major reasons for the success of Skype.

5) Instagram: Instagram is an app in the league of its own. This app allowed users to seamlessly share their images with friends and other Instagram users on the go. With more than 50 million downloads, it is surely one of the most successful apps ever.

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