Friday, January 25, 2013

Larger Screen size is the new norm

2013 might very well become the year that would change the way we perceive our smartphones. No, its not just about the OS, apps, or any killer new feature, its surprisingly enough-the screen size.

But why? The world never really seemed to care about how much of real estate their phone's screen would give them a few years back.Well, that was really quite a few years back.

As the world is slowly shifting bases from feature phones to smartphones, screen size has become quite an important factor.

After all, larger screen means better entertainment experience, more space for your fingers to move around, more fun playing HD games and watching Robert Downey Jr. blast his ways through the villains playing the role of Iron Man (Anyways you get the point,don't you?)

So, how much larger screen size are we talking about? Here's the fun-no one knows.Let me explain what I am talking about.First have a look on your phone's screen size.How much is it? 3.5-inches, maybe 3.7 or 4.0? Might be 4.3 or 4.5-inches or mammoth-sized 4.7 or more. Now, have a look on the phones that were recently launched or are upcoming devices:

Nokia Lumia 920-4.5-inches, Samsung galaxy S3-4.7-inches, Apple i-phone 5-4.0 inches (Keep in mind that Apple was a strong supporter of 3.5-inch make) and of course Samsung's beloved Note II-whooping 5.5-inches.And how about
this-Apple is planning i-phone 5s with 4.8-inch screen (This is just a rumor right now but who knows?)
Numbers speak for themselves. Every manufacturer is in favor of larger screens. It all began with the success of Samsung Galaxy Note.The giant smartphone (Well that's what I call it, you are free to refer to it as a phablet or tab-phone,etc) became a huge success, bought glory and profits for Samsung and left behind the fever of large-sized displays.

Are large screens really good? It depends on a couple of factor.First is the user experience and their comfort. If a user is comfortable with the size of his phone, its no issue at all. However, larger screen means more strain on the battery life and also the need to crank in more number of pixels to maintain display quality. If manufacturers are able to do so, then there's nothing to complain about. 

This trend's not gonna die soon-at least not this year.2013 will be year of mammoth sized screens. That's said, its up to you as a consumer to decide whether you like the trend or not. There might be many of you who would still prefer a 3.5-inch i-phone, or those full qwerty-2.5-inch BBs, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So, while the world goes crazy over large sized screens, I would go shopping today looking for jeans with larger pockets.After all, I don't want to carry a huge phone in my hand all the time because it does not fit in my pocket.

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