Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I-phone with 128 GB storage required?

Apple recently announced that their next gen ipad, the ipad 4, would also come in a 128 GB variant. This made the ipad 4 first tablet in the world to do so. This announcement not only pleased i-pad lovers but also excited the interests of iphone and ipod touch lovers who are now expecting a 128 GB variant of the mentioned devices. So, will this dream really materialize soon and more importantly-is this really required?
More storage space is never a problem without any doubt. But it must also be kept in mind that increasing the storage space won't be as easy as it seems when we talk about an i-phone or i-pod touch. In a bid to make every generation of iphone and ipod touch thinner and lighter than previous ones, Apple has to put in a lot of effort in improving its device. So, its pretty obvious that more storage space would mean necessity of more space which mind you, would require slight changes in designs of nearly every internal part of the device-antenna, battery, sim card slot, processor,etc.
Ok, its difficult but for the argument's sake, we shall assume that Apple would find a solution to make it possible (Just like Apple always does at least on the designing front). But an important question to answer would be-how necessary increasing the storage is. 64 GB is for many users more than enough. If a few find it insufficient, icloud is also available to provide additional storage. So what would Apple get by making an 128 GB of iphone?

The answer is- it would at least provide a strong answer to Sony's Xperia Z and upcoming Android smartphones which would sport 128 GB of storage space. Also, it would be no small deal if they are indeed able to double the storage of an upcoming generation of iphone and still make it thinner and lighter (or even just like the iphone 5 is). And as I said, more storage space always comes handy, so there would be many consumers who would willingly buy the 128 GB variant.

So, lets keep our fingers crossed and expect Apple to strike big time. By the time, I shall think of what all things I can have on board of a 128 GB iphone. Hmm, dozens of HD movies + whole lot of large music _+ hundreds of apps + images +......

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