Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sony PS4 Rumours heat up!

Die hard gamers all round the world are eagerly waiting for the launch of next generation console Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4). Against the expectations and speculations, no official announcement about the PS4 has been made yet and neither is its existence confirmed. However, after the E3 expo this year, many rumors regarding the console are buzzing around the market. Read on as I put forward some of these rumors and give you an idea about how the PS4 might be exactly.

Will the next-gen console actually be called 'Orbis'? If this rumor is something to be believed, Sony has actually planned to name its next-gen console 'Orbis'. This comes from a source speaking to Kotaku "who is not authorized to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information" with them before.

The name 'Orbis' actually makes a whole lot of sense when combined with the Latin word 'Vitae'. The words 'Orbis Vitae' mean 'circle of life'. After sony named its next portable console as PS VITA, it seems quite likely that this rumor might turn out to be true. However, it still remains to be seen whether its just a codename like Durango (The codename of Xbox 720) or its exactly what PS4 might be christened as.

NO backward compatibility: when the original PS3 started shipping, it has a chip that made it compatible with PS2 games. However, with consequent changes in hardware, that chip was removed and later PS3 models are hence, not compatible with PS2 games. Sony would, this time around not even include such a chip in initial models also and hence you won't be able to play even PS3 games in PS4 or 'Orbis' (if that's what it will be called).So you better not think about throwing your PS3s.

Good-bye to second hand games: Sony is rumored to be following Microsoft's path in terms of second games and the way is- Finish the second hand market completely. Some rumors suggest that future PlayStation games would be tied to your Sony Entertainment Account and hence those games would have no resale value at all. That's gonna upset the gamers community for sure.

Processors and GPU related rumors: There have been varying reports about the what kind of CPU and graphics power would be included in PS4. IGN reports that PS4 would be powered by AMD Radeon HD 7670 chip and the A8-3850 APU. This is quite surprising since this is not even the best AMD has in terms of processing power and by the time PS4 would be out, this would be awfully outdated and insufficient. 

Also, the source who claims PS4 would be called Orbis states that PS4 would be actually powered by AMD x64 CPU and 28nm AMD Southern Islands graphics. This again might just be a rumor.

So, what can be believed is that even if the reports of IGN turn out to be true, that chip might just be used in initial models of PS4. The subsequent models would have a much better and advanced chip and CPU otherwise, Hardcore gamers can start worrying.

So, when will PS4 actually be released? Sony is still silent about the release date of PS4 but some sources claim that Sony definitely are in a position and wants to release PS4 before Microsoft gets its Xbox 720 out in the market.

keeping in mind that Sony would release its console only when its perfectly worth going for sale and also the best time of the year to release a gaming console, its safe to say that PS4 might be up for grab during 'CHRISTMAS OF 2013'. That's what many experts agree with.

Keep an eye on this space to receive updates about other rumors related to PS4. Comment below to express your views about these rumors.

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