Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 preview and Hands-On

Microsoft is ready with its new OS Windows PH 8 to take on iOS and Android. Supporting Microsoft is a manufacturer which in simpler terms, has nothing to loose. Yes, I am talking exactly about Nokia. After seeing its market share decrease every financial quarter, Nokia is almost on the verge entirely loosing its grip on the smartphone market. In order to regain its rightful share and to avoid its doom, Nokia now has its hopes laid on one savior- Lumia 920.

Announced and revealed in Microsoft-Nokia joint press conference, Lumia 920 is feature-packed and a huge upgrade from Lumia 900. With a huge 4.5-inch display, increased storage space, Improved Camera (With PureView branding) its means business. Read on as I list down all its features.

Appearance and External hardware: Lumia 920 has the same polycarbonate shell that we saw on Lumia 800 and Lumia 900. However, 920 has a strong glossy sheen (Which doesn't really give a premium feel to the device). However the device is still easy to grip. The 4.5-inch display might sound huge (It really is huge) but 920 fits easily in the palm though operating it with single-handed is quite difficult (Which is why i-Phone 5's taller but not wider screen is appreciated.

The speakers and microphone are micro-drilled into the shell just like Lumia 900. No hot swapping of SIM card and also no Memory card slot are disappointing (Especially since Windows PH 8 can support microSD cards) but 32 GB internal storage should be good enough.

Display: The display packs a resolution WXGA resolution of 1280X768 pixels which is a significant increase from Windows PH 7's limited 800X480 pixels. Though its nothing compared to retina display, its still a much better deal, right? Nokia claims its better than ordinary HD displays due to PureMotion HD plus technology. However, its real goodness is seen only while viewing media. Nokia claims its the brightest display in the world and is also super-sensitive to touch (As demonstrated when it shown to be responding even when operated with thick winder gloves on).

Camera: The phone comes with a 8MP PureView branded rear camera with Carl zeiss optics which Nokia is well-Known for. The 8MP shooter is no match in terms of numbers to 808 (41MP remember?) but still it enables better image stabilization and improved low light performance. Also there is 1MP camera in the front with 720p support for video calling and taking self-portraits. It remains to be seen how the both cameras actually performs in comparison to others in the market.

Internal Hardware: The Lumia 920 is powered by a snapdragon S4 dual core processor clocked at 1.5GHZ. Also it has 1GHZ of RAM for smooth functioning of the device.The phone supports NFC as well as wireless charging- couple of features which are absent in i-Phone 5. All this are major advancements when compared to Lumia 900. 

There you have all the details about Lumia 920.Comment below to let us know your opinion about the device.

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