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    A few days ago, I wrote a post about some of the free apps you should download for your android smartphone. It was the first part of the post and now to continue with the second part of the post, I bring to you ten of the most handy apps that deserve a place in your phone. But the change here is that I have listed apps here without trying to list only free apps and hence you might find a few paid apps and also a few with paid- version alternative. Read on to find out more.

1) LOOKOUT PREMIUM FOR ANDROID: Backing up your precious files and other data has been quite an issue on Android platform. Default back-up  feature is not good enough and unless users root their phones, they don't get an application that backs up your data completely. Lookout premium might just solve this problem. The app includes recovery solutions in case of theft, loss or wipeout. The free version of the app offers a feature called find my phone, automatic back-up and restore functions.
While free version is excellent, there is a paid version as well which includes all the features of free version and also a few others like safe browsing, remote lock/wipe, app permission management and advanced back-up. The paid version costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, direct.

2)MR NUMBER: This is more than just a handy app. If you hate being disturbed by calls and texts from telemarketers the this app is a boon for you. Once you download this free app, the app would block calls and texts reported by millions of users. You can also report a telemarketing or spam numbers and MR.NUMBER will automatically block these calls from your device.

3)WHATSAPP MESSENGER: If you like to be in touch of your friends and continuously send text messages but regret wasting your money on it, then WHATSAPP MESSENGER is the app you need. The app supports almost all OS platforms so it doesn't really matter if your friends are not using an Android smartphone. The app comes with a free trial period of one year and during or after the trial period you can purchase service for $0.99 per year. Surely you won't regret paying the small amount but I recommend that you get an unlimited data plan before you start using the app.

4) SPOTIFY: If you like listening a lot of music tracks but don't like buying them or hate when your music collection causes you memory issues then spotify is your savior. The app is free to download and with $9.99 you can get spotify premium which enables you to stream music from 15 million+ catalogue, create playlist, watch playlists of other members and more. Also you can sync your playlist to your android device and play music offline if you wan to.

5)TUNEIN RADIO: IF you love listening live radio then this app might b of great use to you. this free to download app lets you listen to 50000+ local and global channels including BBC, NPR and SWR. purchasing the pro version for $0.99 adds the ability to record audio but don't expect good quality here.

6) KINDLE: If you like reading e-books then you should have an e-reader installed in your phone. Kindle might very well be that app for you. This free to download app lets you browse thousands of paid and free books and read them easily on your phone. Also you can access more than 100 newspapers and magazines so you can entertain yourself while there's nothing to do. There have been reports that it is not easy to uninstall this app so just be cautious.

7)TANGO VIDEO CALLS: For all the haters of Skype and lovers of free video calling, Tango video calls proves to be the best alternative. If your friends still use Skype, you might have to convince them about the advantages of Tango over Skype( which are quite a few) and then you are good to go.

8)DOLPHIN BROWSER HD: If you have used the built-in Android browser, then probably you would want a better browser badly. Dolphin browser HD is what you need. Clean, neat interface and full flash support makes it the best browser for Android. 

9)OFFICESUITE PRO 6: If you want an app similar to Microsoft Office on your PC so that you can view, edit, print and share excel, PowerPoint, access, word, etc documents then OFFICESUITE PRO 6 is the app you need. At $9.99 this app is worth its pricing and you won't regret purchasing it for sure.

10)PICSAY PRO: While there is no better substitute to Adobe Photoshop on your PC for editing and tweaking your images, an award-winning app for doing so on your Android smartphone is not a bad app to have. If you don't want to mess your brain in editing an image using Adobe Photoshop( lets face it, its not easy for a newbie) then I recommend you get this one.

Drop a comment below to let us know which ones are your favorite or for adding a few apps to the list.

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