Thursday, May 10, 2012


     Having an Android smartphones comes with some good advantages out of which one is the ability to get access to thousands of apps. Paid apps are always good but there are some free apps which are worth of having a place in your phone. So I have decided to write a two part article with 20 such apps and following is the first half of the post. These are some useful, handy, just for fun and must have apps for your android smartphones.

 1) SEESMIC: This app is most useful for people who have multiple accounts on twitter. Forget about logging in and out of each one and all other fuss. Seesmic offers support for multiple accounts and has a sleek and professional look. Also it has a homepage widget which displays all the latest tweets. I recommend you to have Seesmic rather than official twitter app since Seesmic has much more to offer.

2) FACEBOOK FOR ANDROIDS: Not much impressive but still useful is this app. The app has the very same design of the Facebook, is stable and just about does your job. Its simple to use but still there are a few things to be correct in terms of the features its offers.

3) GOOGLE SKY MAP: You won't be worrying about the stars in the sky usually but if have some interest in astronomy then this app is worth a try. How it works? simply point your phone towards sky and the app would make use of your phone's orientation tools to give you an accurate representation of the stars and planets located in the part of he sky you pointed your phone towards. This app works even you point your phone towards sky from the inside of your house if you are wondering.

4) WORDPRESS FOR ANDROID: If you love blogging and have a blog on wordpress then this app is a must. It offers everything you might need with easy and simple to use design, ability to update and type new posts, upload photos and more.

5)SAMSUNG ChatOn: there a lot of messengers out there but there only a few which offer multi-platform support. This app is designed to connect people regardless of the platform of the phone they use. It also has clients for older Samsung  non-smart feature phones. It works on any Samsung device or Android phone.

6)EVERNOTE: Simple but useful app which lets you record audio notes or write text notes. What is interesting is that you can access your notes through a desktop computer as well.

7) GOOGLE MAPS NAVIGATION: The must have for any smartphone. The app provides turn by turn voice navigation which makes it easy for you to reach your destination. The app makes use of your phone's in-built GPS for this purpose. What worth liking is that the app makes the entire route calculation immediately when you enter your destination and keeps you on target even when the signal drops. It works, its free and its fantastic.

8) MEEBO IM: Love chatting, exchanging smileys or sharing your experiences with your friends but hate going on sites like Facebook for the sole purpose of chatting then let me introduce you to Meebo Instant Messenger. Just Create an account on and enter your account information (your username and password) of all your accounts (yes multiple account support) and you are ready to go.

9) GOOGLE READER: If you follow a few blogs and keep an eye on the their latest articles and posts then you would definitely require a RSS reader so that you get their latest posts in one place. This definitely saves your time by eliminating the need to go on each blog you follow to read the posts. Just open your app and you can view the latest updates of your favorite blogs. A nice an handy app.

10) ES FILE EXPLORER: Probably the most useful app on the list, Es file explorer will help you manage your precious files. A nice friendly user-interface with pretty looks and no stupid irritating Ads-it has it all. You'll surely thank me for this one.

There you have the first part of the post and I would soon be posting the second part. Till then download these apps and enjoy. Your suggestions are welcomed.

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