Monday, April 9, 2012


                   Amidst the fight between Samsung and Apple to dominate the market, there are a few others who dream to regain their lost market share and brand value. Taiwanese giant HTC is one such brand. HTC, just like Samsung chose to go the android way and uses the android OS in all its smartphones. But the last year was not a year of a happy outing for them. Out of several devices released last year, not even a single one was able to create a mark in the market. But 2012 might just change their fortunes. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, HTC announced TITAN II with a whooping 16 MP camera. While TITAN II is just out in the market, HTC has a new line up of smartphones ready to catch the attraction of consumers. This new lineup is called the 'ONE' series and as of now includes HTC ONE S, HTC ONE V and HTC ONE X. Out of these devices, the  HTC ONE X is a higher-end device and I have reviewed this stunning beauty.

FIRST LOOK AND BODY DESIGN:As soon as you see the device, you are bound to fell in love with it. Shinning in pure white, it will surely attract you.
A 4.7" screen at the front with the new HTC SENSE 4 skin over Android's latest offering Ice Cream Sandwich adds to its beauty.At the back is a 8MP camera with HTC logo below its(just the traditional HTC style)As far as slim profile is concerned it is exactly 8.9 mm thick and is 30 grams lighter than the likes of Sensation and the Rezound. I don't think there is even a slight problem with the dimensions and neither would a general user feel any if he is comfortable with 4.7" screen size(Large display a kind of trend of the market currently though).

The ear-piece of HTC ONE X is integrated into the poly carbonate shell.The micro-Sim tray is now hew into the uni-body (you'll require a metal pin to access it). The left edge has MHL capable micro-USB port, the right side has staple volume rocker while the power button is at the top.The speaker consists of 84 individually drilled holes and is located on the back side of the phone.

SCREEN: The 4.7"  SUPER LCD 2 screen of HTC ONE X has a resolution of 720p.The viewing angles are great especially at high brightness levels. The screen made up of gorilla glass is scratch proof. Viewing a same video on Sensation, Galaxy S II and ONE X showed how this white beauty puts other devices to shame when it comes to crisp and authentic looking colors. In short, the screen exceeds the expectations and amazes.

CAMERA: The 8mp camera surely does not disappoint. The start-up time of the camera is astonishing(0.7 sec to be exact) and the lag between two snaps is just 0.2 seconds(what else do you want?)HTC has tried to deliver a good imaging experience without making any sacrifices with the quality. Also playing a crucial part in delivering this experience is a software called 'Imagesense'. As usual a lot of camera modes are available. An interesting feature is the ability of the phone to take HD quality images while recording videos and vice-versa. Take a look at the snaps and video below to see how good the phone scores in terms of imaging.

        Comparing the one x' Imaging Quality with the likes of I-PHONE 4s and N8,One X seams to do better than I-phone 4s but N8's Carl zeiss optics reign supreme. Back illuminated sensor gives good images in low light but be ready to take the pain of a few attempts before you are satisfied. Still One X's Camera capabilities are quite satisfactory specially considering the fact that it isn't being marketed by HTC as a camera-centered phone.

BATTERY LIFE AND PERFORMANCE: The ONE X has a quad-core NVIDIA TEGRA3 processor but much to your awe 
(or should I say despair!) doesn't tend to give that feel of a super-fast phone. A dual-core snapdragon processor might give a similar feel as the ONE X gives. But to make it clear there won't be any lag even while a few apps run together. Another good news is that Rockstar games' GTA3 is now available for ONE X and seeing it running on ONE X smoothly, it cab be safely said that One X can handle the usual mobile gamer's need easily.
               Coming to battery life I found that on a moderate usage pattern, it is possible to get 12 hours of usage but while using it on 4G network, it is advised to be ready to charge it every 6-7 hours. The HTC ONE S scores better on battery life than our white beauty. we were quite annoyed at first to see this but it is no use to blame HTC here, android phones always give problems regarding battery life.( Try my tips to improve battery life of Android devices here)

SOFTWARE: ANDROID 4.0 ICS is itself a brilliant OS and when combined with HTC SENSE4.0 I bet you will find it hard to get ONE X out of your hands. The new SENSE is lighter and does not give the impression that HTC has thrown Google's innovations and designs out of the window. We can say that at least on the software front HTC again scores over other android manufacturers but still SENSE can be improved further.

FINAL VERDICT AND WRAP-UP: HTC has surely worked hard and have given consumers the best android phone as of now. ONE X gives GALAXY NEXUS a run for its money, amazes with its design and  annoys with its battery life. But if you are looking for the best android phone, look no further. Yes, One X  has got that X-factor.

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